Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Music for Nothing, Chicks for Free

Apparently, most fans took Radiohead at their word when the group made "In Rainbows" available for any price the fans were willing to pay. From Time:

Some 62 percent of the people who downloaded "In Rainbows" in a four-week period last month opted not to pay the British alt-rockers a cent. But the remaining 38 percent voluntarily paid an average of $6, according to the study by comScore Inc.

I don't know which number is more impressive: 62 or 38. Of all the people that downloaded the album, four-in-ten said, "No really. I want to pay you money for this music even though you are willing to give it to me for free." Where else does that happen in life?

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Dire Straits, Money for Nothing.

Just think, when this music video came out, it was the height of technological innovation. In 25 years, we have gotten to the point that bands can give away music for free and presumably make a profit.