Thursday, November 8, 2007

Conventional Wisdom

My least favorite CNN commentator, Roland Martin, tackles the Robertson/Giuliani love fest and falls for the same old conventional wisdom...
  • Conservative voters have to choose between Giuliani and their faith because EVERYONE knows that people who believe in God can't be pro-choice or against homosexual discrimination...
  • Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate from New York and that will mean something negative to voters, probably even more than her policies. Rudy Giuliani was elected as Mayor of New York and that will mean something positive to voters, probably even more than his policies.
  • That it is morally okay for evangelical voters who claim to hold the "moral high ground" over liberals to compromise those values to hold and expand power.

Blind Willie Johnson -- In My Time of Dying (Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed)

Jackson Browne -- The Rebel Jesus

The Living Things -- No New Jesus

Wilco -- Jesus, Etc.

Pick up The Complete Blind Willie Johnson which collects his recordings from 1927-1930 here. Jackson Browne is more CS's department but I enjoy The can be found here. It seems like it should be time for another Living Things album but until then you have Ahead of the Lions to listen to. This version of Wilco's "Jesus, Etc" comes from the Kicking Television live album which can be found here.