Thursday, November 1, 2007

More On Van The Man

After reading CS's post on Van Morrison, here is some more tidbits about Van Morrison:

1. His biggest hit ever "Brown Eyed Girl" was originally titled "Brown Skinned Girl"...think about that next time you are listening to the oldies station...

2. This one is directed to CS directly...check out any of the albums relating to "The Bang Sessions" it this one, this one, or this is a combination of his best songs ["Brown Eyed Girl" and "T.B. Sheets" come from these sessions] as well as some of the worst songs ever recorded by any human during any period of time including the 1940s, The Gilded Age, and The Cretaceous...Check out "The Big Royalty Check," "Shake It Mable," or "Dum Dum George" as some of the worst offenders.
These bad songs aren't traditional bad songs...these are purposely bad songs as Van recorded them to get out of his record contract with good old Bang Records...
Van's latest CD is his third Best Of can pick it up here.