Sunday, November 18, 2007

Secret Service Part III

Part II is here and Part I is here.

Moving away a little bit from the original topic, to just John McCain in general, in the eyes liberals it is a case of "what could have been." In 2000, he was a Republican that we could almost feel comfortable with. In 2004, he was possibly our Vice Presidential candidate for a second or two. And then he went and did this:

His endorsement of President Bush after what his campaign did to him in South Carolina in 2000 is one of those moments that forever changed our attitudes toward him. It's a matter of self dignity. And for McCain it was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" moment. He would have to sacrifice some independent votes but through his support of Bush he would be the heir apparent and hell, maybe even pick up Bush's endorsement. And that's the way it played out at first in terms of the conventional wisdom of the Chris Matthews of the world about McCain in early 2007...but then they actually got around to asking what Republican voters were looking hasn't been McCain but there is time for things to change...and it might start tomorrow with the endorsement from 9/11 Commission Chairperson Tom Kean.

Embrace -- Nature's Law
Embrace -- Sainted
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