Thursday, November 1, 2007

YouTubing It

Some comedians make the argument that swearing during the routine is the lazy man's way of getting laughs. Since we naturally titter whenever someone says something semi-funny that involves swearing or scatological descriptions, the comedian is "cheating" to get laughs. And there is something to it. Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld rarely venture into the risque and are two of the most successful comedians ever. Cosby himself had nothing against Richard Pryor, saying that Pryor's genius was in his storytelling, but that Pryor's less-talented heirs have focused on the profanity.

Question: Is YouTube to bloggers what swearing is to comedians? Because I can show you a cool video, am I am being a lazy blogger who substitutes a common video experience for actually having to entertain you with words and thoughts?

Answer: Probably, but I don't care.

In honor of my willingness to be lazy when I entertain you, here are some Muppet Show clips.

Little known fact: Mah Na Mah Na was originally written as a score for an Italian softcore porno.

Another little known fact: On the Muppet Babies Saturday morning cartoon, Statler and Waldorf were voiced by Dave Coulier of Full House fame.

Little known fact: this clip is so awesome that it doesn't need a little known fact.