Saturday, November 10, 2007

Small Town Blues

I am not entirely sure what to make of this story.

DES MOINES, IA -- When John Edwards joined his old friend John Mellencamp on the Wells Fargo Arena stage Friday night, he got an unwelcome surprise: boos. A significant part of the audience was unhappy to have their concert interrupted.

I guess Mellencamp fans are insulted by the insinuation that liking crappy music means that you will support John Edwards?

On a semi-related note: It is impossible to live in Bloomington and go to IU events and not see Mellencamp around. He really is one weird looking guy. And watching him perform This Is Our Country at an IU football game last year with a chorus of IU fans backing him up might be the nadir of my time in Indiana.

I would post a link to Mellencamp's music, but I like our readers too much to do that to them.