Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Album 7

I just pre-ordered Album 7 from Radiohead...officially titled In Rainbows. In my earlier post about the news of the release I didn't mention that there is no "official price" and you can pay whatever you think if fair. A very interesting idea considering a typical record contract [for a band of Radiohead stature] would give the band between $2-3 a CD. Now that Radiohead is record company free, nearly the entire purchase price goes straight to Thom and the Boys.

That being said, I bought my copy for $12.99 [6.38 pounds + a .45 pound service fee]. I am more than happy with this because I had given up hope for any new Radiohead release this year and I love the fact that I learned about the release and get in in under a week and a half. I am not the typical buyer however as I will happily pay for the downloads and then buy the set that comes out in December...

The confirmation email they sent me says that I will receive another email on the 10th...tick tock...tick tock