Monday, October 22, 2007

Max McGee, II

Just wanted to piggy back off Matt's post about Max McGee.

Despite being a fellow Wisconsinite, I am not a Packers fan (that is a story for another post). But growing up in a Packers household that did not own a television for about 7 years, my Sundays were set to the soundtrack of Jim Irwin and Max McGee calling Packers games on the radio.

Max is my second favorite announcer (behind Bob Uecker) because he was completely natural. The same guy who had so many great moments as a cutup for the Packers -- like when Lombardi stood before the team and said, "Men, this is a football," and McGee piped up, "Not so fast, coach" -- was the same guy in the booth. He said whatever he was thinking and his natural comedic timing took over from there.

My favorite on-air McGee story is probably apocryphal, but I don't care. Irwin was mentioning how former Cowboys/Bucs wideout Alvin Harper had to have the tip of his finger amputated after a trainer cut him while treating an unrelated injury to his hand. McGee: "He's lucky it wasn't a groin pull."

RIP Max.

And if I knew how to post music, I would post something from Amos Lee, who I saw in concert on Friday.