Saturday, October 27, 2007

A blast of Frank from the past

Ask most people over the age of 13 what their favorite kind of music is or their favorite artist/group and they will respond with, "Depends on my mood." I am no different.

When I get into a funk, the kind of "I'm worn down, life sucks, I'm single, life sucks, I'm tired, work/school isn't going well, life isn't going to get any better," mood that I can sometimes get in, I usually go old school. There is something about Frank Sinatra that picks me up. It's not in the voice or necessarily the music. It's his swagger. It's being cool. It's being better than it all in a way that makes men want to be you and women want to be with you that comes through. And I can't help but pick up a little bit of it by osmosis.

The visuals aren't exactly enthralling, but I found a very cool YouTube collection of Frank's records. Someone just put Old Blue Eyes on the turntable, turned on the video camera and posted it to the internet. Computers may have turned sound into a science, but it can't replicate the feeling and sound of vinyl. Here are a few vids.