Sunday, October 28, 2007

Music + Politics = Thomas Kincaid

A few weeks ago, Politico had an article about the new Martina McBride song "For These Times" and how it was inspired by former Senator Rick Santorum's daughter, Sarah Maria Santorum. She cried at the press conference when her father announced that he lost his bid for reelection in 2006.

Here is an excerpt from the article:
"As blogs parsed and parodied the image — some gleefully made fun of it, others
questioned the wisdom of putting a distraught child in front of the camera — Satcher [the writer of the song -- Matt] went to church. Her pastor held up the Bible.

“For these times in which we live, you are going to need this book,” he said. Satcher scribbled the words into the back of her book.

At 3 a.m., she wrote the song.

“I had the sermon and the picture of Rick’s little girl in my head,” Satcher said. “The song is about the fact that we are a faith-believing, conservative nation, and that voice gets very little front-page time to me.”

The first verse is about Sarah Maria, Satcher said.

In these times in which we live
Where the worst of what we live
Is laid out for all the world on the front page
And the sound of someone’s heartbreak
Is a sound bite at the news break
With a close shot of the tears rollin’ down their face
Blessed be the child who turns a loving eye
And stops to pray
For these times in which we live

The second verse is about the troops and the third touches on faith, she said."

It wouldn't be a country song if the second verse wasn't about the troops.

This song is like a Thomas Kincaid painting. All the elements of a great piece of art are there...but it is still just kitsch.

Martina McBride -- For These Times

Martina McBride's new album is called Waking Up Laughing and you can buy it here...but please don't.