Tuesday, August 19, 2008

YASR Exclusive Band: Vivian

I write "exclusive" with the very firm idea that the music I'm posting here has never been posted on any other music blog...or for that matter has ever see the light of an official release by any record label. That being said, this is some of the greatest music I have ever heard and is a must listen to for any fan of Radiohead.

Here's the background...the band is called Vivian and briefly existed in Eau Claire, WI somewhere around 2000 and 2001. I know they played live a few times around town [I went to at least one of their concerts] but their existance was short lived...I was lucky enough to get a copy of their music on an EP called Starter Kit...calling it an EP isn't really fair though...The lead singer [who I worked with at a local bookstore] gave me four tracks on a CD one day after pressuring him to hear what his band was up to...His name was Grant and over the past few weeks I've been wracking my brain of what his last name was...We sort of bonded around our mutual love of Radiohead and their Kid A album which they had just released at the time...I loved Kid A but Grant must have obsorbed it straight into his brain because that is what came out in his music in Vivian.

To be fair, it is a cross between Kid A and music by the band Low...heck, even one of the songs is called "Low"...this is shoegazer stuff sometimes but don't we all need a good shoegaze every now and again...

So, long story short, I'm here caring the torch for Vivian...a band that broke up shortly after recording some great music that never really saw the light of day...I hope you enjoy it.

Vivian -- Anubis

Vivian -- Electric Eels

Vivian -- Mr. Brown Drink

Vivian -- Low

These four tracks are from the Starter Kit EP which I think was never released anywhere and can't be purchased anywhere.