Friday, August 8, 2008

Forget Wolfmother...Remember The Sword!

Okay, so forget about Wolfmother...they broke up and you might be sad...but they weren't good for you to begin can do better....There's this nice band that you might like that is way better at sounding like Black Sabbath than Wolfmother ever was...They are The Sword and they rock harder than the walls of Minas Tirith.

Here's a little beginner's guide to The Sword:

They have two albums...Age of Winters from 2006 and the brand spanking new Gods of the Earth. For me, the preeminent Sword song is "Winter's Wolves." It was the first song I heard from them and my favorite all around so start there.

The Sword -- Winter's Wolves

Then move on to more advanced stuff from that are "March of the Lor" and "Ebethron."

The Sword -- March of the Lor

The Sword -- Ebethron

Now we come to the new album, Gods of the Earth where The Sword turn it up to 11 and give us even more Zeppelin/Tolkien song titles...

The Sword -- The Sundering

The Sword -- Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians

My favorite from the new album is "To Take the Black" and it starts with some lovely acoustic strumming which is certainly a homage to Sabbath's "Laguna Sunrise."

The Sword -- To Take the Black