Thursday, August 28, 2008

CS, That's Not Fair


Now that's not fair...there are some noted conservatives/Republicans that have made some very good, if not popular, music...for example:

Pat Boone -- Moody River
A song essentially about a suicide honor killing. Boone's girlfriend cheats on him and commits suicide because she can't stand what she did.

Pat Boone -- Speedy Gonzales

A song about a quick mouse? You bet. But really it speaks to the current immigration policy..."Speedy Gonzales, why don't you come home?" i.e. Mexico.

Ted Nugent -- Cat Scratch Fever

Please have your pets spade or neutered.

Ted Nugent -- Stranglehold

The Osmonds -- Crazy Horses
Okay, okay, this is actually a good song that you would never know is by the Osmonds if I hadn't just told you.

The Osmonds -- Down By the Lazy River

[Bonus track: Kathy Griffin -- The Osmonds Were Never Cool]

Wayne Newton -- Daddy Don't Walk So Fast

The Ramones -- Pinhead

The Ramones -- The KKK Took My Baby Away
Okay, to be fair, only one member of The Ramones was a conservative, Johnny Ramone, and the KKK song was in reference to him stealing Joey Ramone's girlfriend from him.

The Ramones -- Teenage Lobotomy
A great Johnny Ramone guitar line.

Kid Rock -- Kyle's Mom's a Big Fat Bitch [Interpretation]

As always, Kid Rock keeps it classy.

and how could forget the greatest conservative of them all:

Britney Spears -- Baby One More Time