Monday, August 25, 2008

New Peter Bjorn and John Album Details

Filter has a news article with details on an upcoming P B & J album called Seaside Rock. I'm not sure what is more disturbing, the error the article makes about the history of Peter Bjorn and John or the details about the album itself.

First off, Filter calls Seaside Rock a "highly anticipated sophomore album." The Seaside Rock record would be the groups 4th album [their first album was self-titled, then Falling Out, then the famous Writer's Block, and now Seaside Rock.]

The article goes on to say that the new album will only be available in vinyl with digital download codes accompanying each vinyl version. Furthermore, the album was intended to be an instrumental record that now has monologues about each band member's hometown. Yikes.

Peter Bjorn & John -- Paris 2006

From the Writer's Block album.

Peter Bjorn & John -- Money
From the Falling Out album.

Peter Bjorn & John -- Objects of My Affection [Live]

From the Live at the Austin City Limits Music Festival EP.