Saturday, August 30, 2008

Songs of the Future: 8/30/08

1. Truckasaurus -- Super Copter
They are in the Nintendo theme music genre and this sounds like the theme from Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

2. Alan Cohen Experience -- Space Watch
Is being called a male Kimya Dawson a compliment? I think so. This is sort of like a well-produced Moldy Peaches song.

3. He Say She Say -- Crash Dummies
Heavy synth, Peaches-influenced dance music.

4a. Tilly and the Wall -- Alligator Skin

4b. Tilly and the Wall -- Pot Kettle Black
4c. Tilly and the Wall -- Cacophony
You had me at tap dance drummer....and "Pot Kettle Black" is not a Wilco cover.

5. Anthony Rochester -- Mathematics

Kings of Convenience + Isaac Newton = Anthony Rochester

6. Birdmonster -- Born to Be Your Man
From the new album From the Mountain to the Sea that sounds like it will be just great. Get on the band wagon now before they blow up.

Bonus Video:

Birdmonster -- The Iditarod