Sunday, August 10, 2008


Rolling Stone jumps into a cold pool:

Some packages like the curvaceous old Coke bottle become so iconic that they are recognizable at 30 paces. So it is with Rolling Stone, whose large format has stood out on magazine racks for more than three decades. It won’t for much longer, however. With the Oct. 30 issue, which will go on sale Oct. 17, Rolling Stone, published by Wenner Media, will adopt the standard size used by all but a few magazines.

In an interview in his office, Jann Wenner, founder, publisher, editor and general guiding force behind the nation’s biggest music magazine, was characteristically brash about the change. Leaning back in his chair, one leg slung over the side of it, he said, “All you’re getting from that large size is nostalgia.”

Interestingly, further down in the article it says that the average age of the readership of Rolling Stone is in their early 30's...I would have guessed older although I'm 29 and I subscribe.

P.S. has a great archive of all the covers they've ever printed...