Saturday, January 5, 2008

Personal Best of 2007

Here are some of the songs that meant something to me this year for a variety of reasons...some of the songs are from 2007, some are older but my discovery/re-discovery of them happened in 2007...

In no particular order, here we go:

Favorite Song from 2007 For Sentimental Reasons That You Probably Won't Understand:

For all the fun and good times I have had in 2007, it has been a year that I wouldn't mind putting behind me as quick as possible. I will keep the list of bad things that happened to myself but above all else the distance between myself and the person I love above all else has been very difficult. This is the song I listen to when I am at my most sad.

Radiohead -- All I Need
This track is from In Rainbows and if you didn't download it for .01 when you could you are an idiot.

Favorite New Song From a Group That Has Been Around For More Than 30 Years:

This one originally comes from this Dell commercial and hints at maybe, just maybe, if Devo put out a new album they could be the most influential "older" band still around and kicking.

Devo "Watch Us Work It"
The song if only available through iTunes at the moment.

Favorite Older Album That Everyone Else Ignored But Now I See The True Genius Of:

Okay it's time for a SAT analogy:

Question: Radiohead : The Bends :: Marcy Playground : _____
Answer: Shapeshifter

Radiohead was considered to be just another one-hit wonder destined for the "Buzz Bin" after the follow-up singles to "Creep" failed to do anything in the U.S. and England. In much the same way, Marcy Playground has been written off as a one-hit wonder of the 1990's. Whereas, Radiohead came back with The Bends to high critical praise but limited sales growth, Marcy Playground gave us Shapeshifter [in 1999] which was met by the same limited sales growth and, unfortunately, little to no critical praise.

But like The Bends, in which you can hear Radiohead greatly improving in melody and song writing ["Fake Plastic Trees" anyone?], the same can be said between Marcy Playground's self-titled first album and Shapeshifter.

Unfortunately, the album was and has been unfairly ignored. For pure novelty, the opening track "It's Saturday" is just as good as the huge hit "Sex & Candy." The two other standout tracks in my mind are "Bye Bye" and "Wave Motion Gun" the latter being on the best soft-loud-soft song style that was oh so popular in the "grunge era."

Marcy Playground -- It's Saturday
Marcy Playground -- Bye Bye
Marcy Playground -- Wave Motion Gun
Please buy Shapeshifter here.

The Most Popular Song On My iPod From 2007:

I wish I would have been the one to say that these lines "I was driving through the misty rain / just searching for a mystery train" was the quintessential Bruce Springsteen lyrics of all time [I think it was Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone] . He was right and this song got me excited about Bruce Springsteen again.

Bruce Springsteen -- Radio Nowhere
This is from Bruce's new album Magic.

Guilty Pleasures of 2007:

No commentary needed:

Avril Lavigne -- Girlfriend
From The Best Damn Thing album.

Kelly Clarkson -- Since U Been Gone (Live on Saturday Night Live)

Available on the Live from SNL CD which I guess is only available at Target stores.

Album I Keep Being Told Is Soooo Awesome But I Just Don't Get It Of 2007:

Animal Collective -- Strawberry Jam

I have tried, oh how I have tried, to love Animal Collective. Last year I really tried to like Xiu Xiu but got the same result. I even stayed up late to watch AC's network TV debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien hoping to find what I was missing in their albums maybe was there in their live performance. I still didn't get it...I've given up.

Animal Collective -- Peacebone

Some Of My Other Favorite Songs Of 2007:

The White Stripes -- Conquest
From the Icky Thump album.

Underworld -- Crocodile
From the Oblivion With Bells album.

The Hives -- Fall Is Just Something That Grownups Invented
This track can only currently be found on iTunes.

Babyshambles -- Deft Left Hand
From the Shotter's Nation album.

Hard-Fi -- Suburban Knights
From the Once Upon A Time In The West album.

Caribou -- Melody Day
From the album Andorra.

The Bad Plus -- Narc (Interpol Cover)
From the album Prog.

LCD Soundsystem -- North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix)

This remix is from the North American Scum EP.