Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Musical Tribute To Brett Favre

A little anecdote about Brett Favre & living in Wisconsin: when I was home over Christmas break and visited the local Shopko they had stacks and stacks of the Sports Illustrated edition naming Brett Favre Sportsman of the Year [the one they had to do all those extra printings of]. Next to those stacks and stacks of Sports Illustrated there were stacks and stacks of 8 1/2 x 11 picture frames just begging for you to proudly display your Brett cover.

Super Furry Animals -- Lazer Beam
From the Love Kraft album.

Bloc Party -- Hero
This song can be found on the Two More Years single.

Ben Folds Five -- For All The Pretty People
From the Whatever and Ever Amen reissue.

Wilco -- Bob Dylan's 49th Beard (Live)
From the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot import bonus disk.

The Black Lips -- Cold Hands
From the Good Bad Not Evil album.

The Go! Team -- We Just Won't Be Defeated
From The Go! Team's first album Thunder, Lightening, Strike.