Thursday, January 31, 2008


If I was to guess what candidate Hulk Hogan supported before watching Jimmy Kimmel two nights ago, I would have said Rudy or McCain...and I would have been wrong:

1 Hulk = 5 Chuck Norris

Otis Redding -- These Arms of Mine
From The Very Best of Otis Redding collection.

Les Rythmes Digitales -- Jacques Your Body (Makes Me Sweat)

From the Darkdancer album.

Gone Baby Gone

John Edwards dropped out of the Presidential race yesterday and I am sad to see him go. I would have loved an Edwards / Obama two-person race...I donated money to Edwards' campaign [and Obama's by the way] as part of my "any Democrat but Hillary" campaign...But in the end, Edwards lasted just six days longer than Dennis Kucinich and in the end will his candidacy have any more effect than Kucinich's?

I haven't gotten the chance to take part in the primary/caucus process so far this year but I would have seriously considered voting for Edwards again. I voted for him in the 2004 primary in Wisconsin and hell, I even had Edwards campaign staff staying at my house for free during that election. That being said, who Edwards supports doesn't mean anything to me. I will now support Obama and if Edwards supports Clinton, that's great for him but it has nothing to do with me.

Diana Ross & The Supremes -- Love Is Here & Now You're Gone
You can find this song on the great Motown compilation Motown Legends Volume 2.

Lynryd Skynryd -- Tuesday's Gone
This is from the Dazed & Confused soundtrack.

The Shins -- Gone for Good (Live)
This is from Live from the Morning Alternative Volume 2.

Give The People What They Want

I know January and February are traditionally pretty slow months for great new releases but come on people, the new Vampire Weekend isn't the second coming of you know starts with a "C"....any guesses?? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah...

I guess I should tell that to the people using the Hype of 10:27pm on Thursday Vampire Weekend tracks hold the following places on Popular Tracks listing:

#2: Vampire Weekend -- Walcott
#4: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#5: Vampire Weekend -- Mansard Roof
#7: Vampire Weekend -- Oxford Comma,
#10: Vampire Weekend -- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
#22: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#25: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#31: Vampire Weekend -- Oxford Comma
#32: Vampire Weekend -- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
#34: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#37: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#39: Vampire Weekend -- The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
#45: Vampire Weekend -- M79
#48: Vampire Weekend -- A-Punk
#50: Vampire Weekend -- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Here's a track from a new album that is better than anything on the Vampire Weekend album:

Drive-By Truckers -- That Man I Shot
From the Brighter Than Creation's Dark album.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Speaking of Running Mates

While watching Jeopardy today they had a question about the connection between President Truman and President Eisenhower summarized in this article:

Harry Truman always denied that while in the White House he entertained the idea of having Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower run for president in 1948 -- with Truman as his running mate.

But a newly discovered diary written by the nation's 33rd president reveals that Truman did make the offer while talking politics one summer afternoon with Eisenhower. Truman worried that Gen. Douglas MacArthur would run for president on the Republican ticket.

I totally missed out on this story when it first came out and I find it fascinating...this would never happen today...

On a sad note, President Truman's daughter, the famous author Margaret Truman, died on Tuesday. I particularly love her book Murder in the White House.

Menomena -- Running
From the album Friend and Foe.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain / Pawlenty 2008???

Dear CS,

I don't know if you watch the McLaughlin Group on the weekends but this week Eleanor Clift from Newsweek said that Tim Pawlenty was going to be the Vice Presidential candidate for any of the Republican candidates...I almost spit out my cereal as I was watching and not only because she called him Wisconsin Governor Tim Pawlenty [poor Jim forgettable]. Can this be? Even Huckabee would pick him?

Are we going to see this September 4th?

Yours truly,


Radiohead -- Hunting Bears
From Amnesiac. Do fans consider Amnesiac to be the weakest Radiohead album or is it universally accepted that Pablo Honey is [and will always be] the weakest?

Dear Matt,

Paradoxically, I saw McCain pulling this off back when his campaign was at its lowest point, but as it approached, I didn't believe it was happening.

In mid-2007, when McCain was broke and losing key advisors (i.e. John Weaver and Mark Salter), I could still a path to tonight. He was always going to play well in New Hampshire and had the name recognition and national security credentials to do well. His consistent stand on the surge looked foolhardy at the time, but it has really helped him now.

Yet, when he began to rise in Iowa and pulled off the New Hampshire win, I was excited, but still didn't see him succeeding. As I posted before, Romney had the money and was the most acceptable to the greatest number of Republicans. Michigan gave Romney his groove -- as a bright businessman. He ran the campaign that he should have run the whole time. I saw his momentum and was terrified. As today approached, I would have bet large amounts of money on Romney winning Florida. This was the first state where I thought McCain and Romney were in a fair fight. This wasn't in either one's "adopted" home state (i.e. New Hampshire for McCain; Michigan for Romney). And I really thought McCain's attacks on Romney would backfire. I've been a McCain supporter since 1999 and would vote for him in any election, anywhere for any office. But he plainly twisted Romney's words. It was fair to point out that Romney hedged his bets on the surge, but McCain was going far beyond that.

Is Romney out of it? No. But everything is coming together for McCain. Rudy supporters are more likely to break for McCain. And Huckabee is going to be a thorn in Romney's side, keeping him from mobilizing the conservatives. He probably is aiming for a McCain/Huckabee ticket. I keep rooting for a McCain/Pawlenty ticket. But until I see McCain at the podium in Minny/St. Paul giving his acceptance speech, I probably still will believe that the Giants are looming.

Dear Craig Part 2

Dear CS,

Okay, now this is getting to be a little bit ridiculous. Is the McCain campaign the new Green Bay Packers? Months ago people were arguing that McCain should just "retire" and not risk getting embarrassed on the political grid iron...and then comes the season and McCain wins New Hampshire and his primary record is looking surprisingly he wins the Florida primary and people are talking about maybe even home field advantage in the playoffs...

Now the only question is this: is there a New York Giants [in the shape of Mitt Romney] waiting out there somewhere?

I know you have supported McCain since 2006 and maybe before but did you really have hope that this day would come at his lowest points in 2007?



The Beach Boys -- Sloop John B
This is pretty much on every Beach Boys greatest hits including Sounds of Summer -- The Very Best of the Beach Boys.

Pearl Jam -- Hard To Imagine

This is from Disc 2 of the Lost Dogs b-side compilation.

Yo La Tengo -- Mr. Tough
This is from the Mr. Tough single.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Zombies in Concert

If you are London in March swing over and see The Zombies in concert for one of their rare live performances.

The Zombies -- Brief Candles
From the best album from the 1960's Odessey and Oracle.


I really love this Beatles cover...What more do you need?

Aretha Franklin -- The Fool on the Hill (The Beatles Cover)
This is from the Rare and Unreleased Recordings from the Golden Reign of the Queen of Soul.

Woman King

I have been saving this song until Hillary was/is crowned Democratic candidate but with Obama's win in South Carolina that eventuality seems to be up in the air a little higher than before Saturday...bring on Super Tuesday.

Iron & Wine -- Woman King
From the Woman King album.


The Apples of Stereo will have a b-side collection, Electronic Projects for Musicians, that will be coming out April 1st [hopefully this isn't an April Fool's joke].

Also, if you go to the New Magnetic Wonder page here you can download the song "Energy" for free through Amazon's new mp3 service which I like more and more everyday.

The Apples in Stereo -- 7 Stars
This is from the New Magnetic Wonder album.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Just thought of this video today after a 13 year hiatus...

Presidents of the United States of America -- Mach 5
From the album II.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Giant Magazine

I've been trying to rid myself of my subscription to Giant Magazine for a few months now...I thought my subscription ended in November but I keep getting issues....When I subscribed they put out issues like this:

And now I'm left with something like this every month:

Wilco -- Magazine Called Sunset
This is a demo from the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album.

Magazine -- A Song From Under The Floorboards
This can be found on the Rhino box set Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

MySpace Erase Day

[This image is from the great comic site:]

My MySpace page had better start making its Bucket List as its time is running out...January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day and I think it is a great idea...

Muse -- Citizen Erased (Live)

Muse have a live album/DVD called Hullabaloo: Live at Le Zenith, Paris that is not available in the United States...well it is available on Amazon for $75.99...if you ever find a copy of it at "reasonable" prices you should definitely grab it up...

Erase Errata -- Tongue Tied

The Muse track comes from a compilation CD from Q Magazine called QRocks. The Erase Errata track comes from a Mojo Magazine compilation called Punk's Not Dead.

You Are A Winner

Now I don't know if I have ever written anything on this blog that could get me sued but today's news was a win for bloggers in general as a celeb blogger Perez Hilton won in a defamation case brought by Lindsay Lohan's friend.

The New Pornographers -- Breakin' the Law

From the first New Pornographers album Mass Romantic.

You Will Be Missed

Dennis Kucinich drops out of the Presidential race...Mrs. Kucinich, you will be missed:

Modest Mouse -- Missed the Boat
From the album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.


With all the stories about Heath Ledger's death this post in the Machinist blog is the most interesting...searching "heath ledger" is now the hottest trend on Google...followed by searching "keith ledger"...

I had been really looking forward to the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, in which Heath plays The Joker and now I think it is going to be reminiscent to Brandon Lee's role in The Crow in which ever line can re reinterpreted in the light of these new events.

Wolfmother -- Joker & The Thief
From the self-titled debut album.

Thompson Out

So Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race and one has to ask why did he even bother? Did he really think that Republicans hated the other candidates so much that he would be elected by default?

In the end he lost his sweet acting job on Law & Order [although I think the series jumped the shark when he joined the cast], his wife is now a punch line for trophy wife jokes, and I'm not sure how many people would hire Fred to do any political consulting for them from now on...

And possibly worst of all, Mitt Romney is now leading in the polls in Florida.

Here is a scary Mary Matalin clip justifying why Fred skipped a New Hampshire debate to go on The Tonight Show...I wonder if she would thinking differently now?

Also this clip has a very, very, very scary sexually over toned comment to her husband James Carville.

Ryan Adams -- Now That You're Gone
This is from Disc 1 of the Cold Roses album.

Wilco -- Wishful Thinking (Live)
This is from the live Wilco double album Kicking Television.

White Family

This story comes from Janesville, WI and it makes me the fine print of this cover to laugh too...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- White Palms
From the BRMC's self-titled debut.

Bloc Party -- Helicopter [Whitey Version]
This is from the Silent Alarm Remixed album.

Junior Senior -- White Trash

Somewhere along the line Junior Senior was one-upped by LCD Soundsystem...I'm not sure exactly when...This is from D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat.

The Flaming Lips -- Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)
This is from the Fight Test EP.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bon Iver

I am going to be the biggest Bon Iver fan in the world.

Bon Iver's brainchild Justin Vernon and myself both grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and although we've never met directly I don't think I have been at Vernon's previous band's [Mount Vernon and DeYarmond Edison] concerts. His latest group is Bon Iver which has their debut album For Emma, Forever Ago coming out February 19th.

Bon Iver call themselves "neo-soul" on their MySpace page...on the song "Skinny Love" I am hearing TV on the Radio-like vocals minus the beats. Great stuff and I can't wait for the March 26th show in Seattle.

Bon Iver -- Skinny Love
From the For Emma, Forever Ago album.

I Don't Want To Talk About It

Radiohead -- Let Down
From the OK Computer album.

The Black Keys -- Hurt Like Mine
From Thickfreakness.

British Sea Power -- It Ended on an Oily Stage
From BSP's first second album Open Season.

The Alphabetical Order -- This Too Shall Pass

From the I Am Magically Happening! album.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Musical Tribute To Brett Favre

A little anecdote about Brett Favre & living in Wisconsin: when I was home over Christmas break and visited the local Shopko they had stacks and stacks of the Sports Illustrated edition naming Brett Favre Sportsman of the Year [the one they had to do all those extra printings of]. Next to those stacks and stacks of Sports Illustrated there were stacks and stacks of 8 1/2 x 11 picture frames just begging for you to proudly display your Brett cover.

Super Furry Animals -- Lazer Beam
From the Love Kraft album.

Bloc Party -- Hero
This song can be found on the Two More Years single.

Ben Folds Five -- For All The Pretty People
From the Whatever and Ever Amen reissue.

Wilco -- Bob Dylan's 49th Beard (Live)
From the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot import bonus disk.

The Black Lips -- Cold Hands
From the Good Bad Not Evil album.

The Go! Team -- We Just Won't Be Defeated
From The Go! Team's first album Thunder, Lightening, Strike.

Lost In The Pile

The definition of someone with a musical addiction is when you buy a CD, put it in your "new pile," forget about it for a few months, and then re-discover it when you get around to alphabetizing your collection again when you have a break from school.

I don't think this Bishop Allen CD has all the songs they recorded on their "1 EP every month" idea but I assume they put all the good ones on...

Here are two of my favorites:

Bishop Allen -- Click, Click, Click, Click

Bishop Allen -- Corazon
Both of these songs come from The Broken String.

Bishop Allen offer a bunch of other free mp3s here.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Chess great Bobby Fischer died today of kidney failure. Fittingly, he was 64:

Noted French chess expert Olivier Tridon: "Bobby Fischer has died at age 64. Like the 64 squares of a chess board."
As a former chess geek who had a chess rating for a month or two, fantastically great chess players like Bobby Fischer operate on a whole other plain...and not that far from insanity. It's a lot like when Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul begin to sound like each other as the circle of politics comes around.

Bloc Party -- The Once and Future King
Join Bloc Party's fan club Marshals and you get this song plus a bunch of other rarities for free.

Nat Bed

I was playing around on iTunes the other day and found out there is a new Natasha Bedingfield album coming out and I have to admit I was excited because this was finally my chance to own one of the best/worst song of all time "I Want To Have Your Babies."

I first heard the song in question when I was in Europe for Spring Break last year but it wasn't on Bedingfield's first album, Unwritten, so I figured they must be saving this classic for her new one, Pocketful of Sunshine. But alas no luck there either. Maybe America isn't ready for a song like this yet...

Bedingfield's record company won't let me embed the video but you can find it here. And here is a live version of the song:

Without a doubt the best part of the song is the lyric "I want to have your babies / crazy."

Additional thought: Whatever happened to Natasha's brother Daniel Bedingfield.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To My Sister

Usually I write the post and then find the song...but in this case we start with song...we all know CSS from their iPod commercial and this post. This song came up on my random shuffle the other day...

In my undergrad studies, I took a summer class in 3rd-Wave Feminism and I was one of two guys in the total of about 20 students. It was a great class overall and it was fun to discuss "modern feminism" and especially discussing the "taking back" of negative terms associated with women such as "bitch" or "cunt." Saying the word "cunt" in a room with 15 other women and coming out alive is a lot like something Bear Grylls does on a regular basis.

So this song is dedicated to my sister [a future art historian] and in the true 3rd-Wave Feminist meaning, a true "Artbitch."

CSS -- Artbitch
From the Cansei de ser Sexy album.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And they're coming down the homestretch...

Well, we are still no closer to knowing anything.

Unlike the post I linked to above, I am agnostic on South Carolina's power to decide the nominee this year. I say that with no small degree of sadness.

With three races in the books, the Republicans have come no closer to falling in love with a candidate. Every candidate has proven too flawed to make the essential sale. Huckabee was made for Iowa -- a folksy evangelical who likes to make it seem that he plays nice. We can declare McCain to be the President of New Hampshire. Mitt Romney's history and strengths (businessman who would know how to handle the federal bureaucracy) dovetailed perfectly with struggling Michigan. Each candidate did well in states that you would expect them to do well in and have proven utterly incapable of building on that to attract new voters to their flock. McCain can't get the conservative grassroots to forgive him for past trangressions and Romney can't convince them that his recognition of past transgressions is real and not political expediency. Huckabee can't anyone other than the evangelicals and Rudy can't get the evangelicals (or anyone else for that matter).

Fred is an interesting case. He is probably the most acceptable candidate to the grassroots. His appeal comes in person, where his demeanor shows that he is steady rather than lethargic. His is a campaign that you warm to slowly, but surely. It's a similar affliction that McCain faces: the candidate himself is the best way to convert voters, but you don't have the chance to run a truly retail campaign in a crowded primary field.

I am now agnostic on the idea that South Carolina will decide the presidency. It may serve as a way to winnow the field, but I don't even agree that Florida will decide. Until a candidate breaks through to really reach new supporters, each primary will be decided on demographics. I still would bet on Romney being the nominee because his money makes him best suited to win a war of attrition. The big money will come in for a candidate once they break through that wall, but until they do, Romney will best suited to win in states where air wars take precedence over retail politicking.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coming Home

After 4 1/2 months in Latvia on a Fulbright scholarship, my fiance is coming home tomorrow for a two-week visit...

So you will excuse me if my posting takes a nose dive...I should send this post to my grad school professors to I think...

Pulp -- My Legendary Girlfriend
I don't know as much about Pulp as I wish I did, but I think you can only find this song on the My Legendary Girlfriend single.

Monday, January 14, 2008


A lot has been said about Mike Huckabee being the most desirable Republican candidate for President by Democrats because they think he is the most beatable. In terms of desirability Mike Huckabee also has every other candidate beat on the baseball card front.

If you look at the listings of sellers and buyers there is a nice cross section. His autograph cards (shown above) are easily selling for more than $100 making them some of the most desirable auto cards of the set.

Radiohead -- House of Cards
This is from In Rainbows for which I am a marketing department's dream as I paid for the download and bought the physical album.

Overstatement of the Week

Sorry CS, couldn't resist this t-shirt.

By the way, Sunday's forecast is listed at high of 12 degrees, low of 5, with a 10% chance of snow.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

And now for something....

....only slightly less depressing than watching the Cowboys lose a playoff game.

Here is a great Flickr album of celebrity gravestones. And I love Merv Griffin's.


Can I please have the Cowboys win a playoff game? Or even just lose one without Tony Romo breaking my heart in the final seconds?

To Matt's Packers: Congratulations and I'll be rooting for ya in Super Bowl XLII against the hated Patriots.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Live Blogging the Packers vs. Seahawks Game

1:15pm PST: I miss James Brown...watching three idiots and a James Brown look-a-like laughing at their inside jokes on the pre-game makes me almost wish the NFL network was broadcasting this one....

1:17pm PST: They just had a neat little piece on Lee Remmel, the Packer's PR Director, who is retiring after 62 years on the job.

1:23pm PST: My sister calls...why isn't she watching the game? Or at least praying for victory....

1:29pm PST: So today as announcers we get Marv's son Kenny Albert, Daryl "Moose" Johnston, and Tony Siragusa trolling the sidelines for "news."

1:33pm PST: It is snowing as the players are Wisconsin we would call if "flurries" ...if it were snowing like that here in Seattle, school would already be canceled for Monday and we would have our three total snow plows working double shifts...

1:36pm PST: Okay the game's over...Packers win the toss...see you in the NFC championship...

1:38pm PST: A record Brett doesn't have: he is 2nd to Joe Montana in playoff games started and touchdowns thrown.

1:40pm PST: Okay, breath in breath out...we've fumbled and Shaun Alexander has scored...this is not happening...this is not happening...

1:46pm PST: Ryan Grant's 2nd fumble inside 10 minutes...I don't know if I am going to be able to handle this and I might have to turn this off if it gets much stomach is hurting and I feel nervous...

1:50pm PST: Seattle's best receiver Deion Branch is injured so we are taking a break...I need to take a breath and get some chips...

1:53pm PST: Seahawks score again but I don't think the receiver had two feet in...come on McCarthy challenge it...

1:54pm PST: He challenges it but the refs rule he can't challenge it...14-0

1:55pm PST: If I have to hear that damned car commercials playing Andy Kim's "Rock Me Gently" I am going to scream...We've seen it twice so far...

1:59pm PST: Now we're moving...20 yard pass...

2:01pm PST: Favre to Jennings...TOUCHDOWN....YES YES YES YES 14-7

2:03pm PST: The replay shows that the play the Packer's scored the touchdown on was a play only between Jennings and Farve. Everyone else was playing a run play, including Ryan Grant...

2:09pm PST: Hasselbeck is sacked...4th is it getting messy down is snowing harder than at the start of the game...

2:14pm PST: We are moving again...4th and inches...we're reviewing the spot of the ball...The verdict: "they are re-spotting the ball and will remeasure" FIRST DOWN! we go....

2:20pm PST: Ryan Grant is running like a man possessed...1st and Goal

2:21pm PST: RYAN GRANT TOUCHDOWN...14-14....a weight has been lifted...

2:27pm PST: First play of the 2nd Quarter...SEAHAWKS FUMBLE, PACKERS RECOVER...

2:29pm PST: I didn't think I would say this nearly an hour ago but give Grant the ball every time...

2:33pm PST: Favre to Jennings...TOUCHDOWN....21-14

2:38pm PST:
As I am watching the refs measure the placement of Seattle's ball, I remember my sister once saying "can't they just see the yellow line."

2:40pm PST:
Personal foul...Seahawks get another chance...As my adoptive team I would be rooting for the Seahawks if they were playing anyone but the Packers...

2:45pm PST: So the Seahawks get a field goal that they shouldn't have...21-17...time for some Pizza Bursts....

2:51pm PST: Brandon Jackson gets a chance to touch the ball...7 yards....

2:54pm PST: We are getting a nice little drive together here....two straight 3rd down conversions...2 minute warning...

3:00pm PST: Brett may have just done one of his Top 10 plays of his career with the pass he just did to Donald Lee...1st & Goal...


3:04pm PST:
Hasselbeck takes a knee and it is halftime...I really can't believe how things went down in this half...I never would have predicted what happened...hopefully the Packers can keep their momentum going...

3:10pm PST: I am boycotting the Fox halftime show...let's see what else is on...the best alternative is to jump in halfway into the Tim Robbins & Martin Lawrence buddy comedy Nothing to Lose.

3:18pm PST: We're almost ready to start as the Packers kick off to the Seahawks...

3:21pm PST: 3 and out for the Seahawks...let's avoid another ruffing the kicker penalty shall we boys?...

3:27pm PST:
Brandon Jackson TOUCHDOWN! Everyone is getting in the mix! 35-17. Holmgren looks soooo pissed!

3:36pm PST: the Seahawks have a drive together but they are facing a 3rd and 10...they converted...1st down for them...

3:39pm PST: the Seahawks drive continues...but one thing is clear...the Packer running game is much stronger than Seattle's...they are running 2 failed run plays and then convert on a 3rd down pass...and the snow is coming down even harder now...

3:41pm PST: the Packers stop them and so they are going to kick a field goal...Josh Brown and his electric pants are going to try to get 3 points...
3:42pm PST: It's good...35-20

3:48pm PST: Ryan Grant runs one for 46 yards and sets the Packers playoff rushing record...

3:50pm PST: And Brandon Jackson runs for 10 more...forget Adrian Peterson and Chester's Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson!

3:54pm PST: TOUCHDOWN #3 FOR #25! Mason Crosby [who should be Rookie of the Year] kicks it though...42-20

4:01pm PST: 3 and out for the Seahawks and they punt on 4th and 2 which is a little return for the Packers.

4:05pm PST: Grant runs for 28 more...if I haven't said it already...All is forgiven Ryan. He is over 200 yards for the day...Fun fact: Ryan Grant has degrees in both Sociology and Computer Science from Notre Dame.

4:08pm PST: The Packers try something different other than touchdown...a punt...

4:10pm PST: We are down to about 9 minutes on the clock...

4:14pm PST:
It's 4th and 10 for the Seahawks and this is the most important play of the game...incomplete...PACKERS TAKE OVER! Now it's time for 8 minutes of the Ryan Grant/Brandon Jackson running game

4:18pm PST: Brandon Jackson goes for 20!

4:20pm PST: We didn't do much on this drive except take 3 minutes off the clock...

4:22pm PST: Hasselbeck gets sacked by KGB...2nd and 22...

4:24pm PST: Packers get the ball back again following a punt...Brett comes out of the game and Aaron Rodgers comes in...

4:27pm PST: My dad calls to talk about the my Mom says, "nothing makes your Father happier than the Packers winning."

4:33pm PST: I miss the final plays but who cares, the game is over. PACKERS WIN! 42-20

I can't wait for the Giants / Cowboys game tomorrow...

Super Furry Animals -- Run-Away
From the Hey Venus! album.

Johnny Cash -- You Win Again
From the Forever Johnny Cash set.

OK Go -- The House Wins
From the Oh No album.

Simon & Garfunkel -- A Hazy Shade of Winter
From the Best of Simon & Garfunkel collection.

No Doubt -- Running
From the Rock Steady album

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Relevant Band #3: The Battle Royale

Don't quote me on this, but I think about two years ago Chuck Klosterman wrote an essay in Spin about how modern rock songs rarely have multiple and distinct sections such as in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Roundabout" by Yes. Two obvious modern exceptions being "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead and "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand.

Another thing that rarely happens in songs is letting the music play for a while before breaking into the lyrics. For a prime example of this check out "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem.

I think of this today as I listen to The Battle Royale. Their song "Racecar" begins with nearly a minute of what could be described as electro music that could be confused for a new song by The Rapture. And, to be honest, it is initially hard to believe that the song "Scream Scream" is by the same band. It has the feel of a darker Polyphonic Spree song not about the freakin' sun or having a great day. The Battle Royale is a band to watch.

The Battle Royale -- Racecar

The Battle Royale -- Scream Scream

No Brother Good In Law of Mine From Illinois

Any true Cheesehead knows that those are lyrics from "Da Turdy Point Buck"...I write them today because of friend of mine, Dan (from Illinois), likes to send me "relevant" news articles about Wisconsin at its best...yesterday he sent me this article: "Man gets probation for dead deer sex" with the subject line "only in wisconsin..."

Garbage -- Sex Is Not The Enemy
This track is from the Bleed Like Me album.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All Apologies

Dear CS,

I am happy for you today as (your boy) John McCain wins the New Hampshire primary. And I feel a little bad about my earlier comments on Senator McCain's campaign [here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here]. I was nothing short of an ass and I am happy that you get to have your candidate win a primary.



The Turtles -- Is It Any Wonder
This is from the Happy Together album.

BSA To The Rescue

From the AP:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A quick-thinking Boy Scout foiled an assassination attempt on the president of the Maldives on Tuesday, grabbing an attacker's knife as the man leapt from a crowd and lunged at the leader, an official said.

President Maumoon Gayoom was unhurt, but his shirt was ripped as the attacker tried a second time to stab him before being overpowered by security guards, government spokesman Mohammed Shareef said.

"One brave boy saved the president's life," he said.

As an Eagle Scout, I am pretty amazed and proud by this story. I guess the attacker didn't have his Totin' Chip. [A joke only a Boy Scout could love.]

Broken Social Scene -- Fire Eyed Boy (Live)
This track is from their 2006 Lollapalooza performance.

Hot Chip -- And I Was A Boy From School
This track is from the The Warning album.

Relevant Video: Obama's Grandma

If you haven't seen this video with Obama's Grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, in Kenya it is fascinating:

Here is the AP's larger article and here's a reminder of what's going on in Kenya at the moment.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Band of 2008 #2 -- The Bell

Again, let me stress that these bands are not necessarily brand new, but rather new to me...

The Bell are one of those bands that sometimes unfairly gets compared to a newish band named after an International police agency who sort of sound a little like a band that would eventually become New Order after their lead singer committed suicide [allegedly]. I don't feel like mentioning them here as it sometimes pigeonholes the music.

I think The Bell is great. I was subconsciously singing along by the end of the first listen to "I Am History." If you haven't taken a chance on an album in a while, give Make Some Quiet a shot.

The Bell -- I Am History
This track comes from the Make Some Quiet album.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's Never Too Late For A Christmas Song

With a tip of the hat to the blog uncooperative, here is The Kinks' unique version of Christmas in which Santa gets mugged by kids looking for cash rather than "silly toys."

The Kinks -- Father Christmas
This song comes from the Come Dancing With The Kinks collection which covers 1977-86.

The Start of Something Good

I didn't touch on this in my earlier post but tomorrow begins the best two weeks of football of the year [college included]. For two weekends, we get two great games on Saturday and Sunday with highly motivated teams with everything to play for.

Art Brut -- Good Weekend
This track is from Art Brut's first album Bang Bang Rock & Roll.

The Long Blondes -- Weekend Without Makeup

This track is from The Long Blondes debut album Someone To Drive You Home.


If only the Packers could have played the Lions every game we would be 16-0 as well. Of course with the Packer win and the Cowboys loss to the Redskins, if we had only beaten those damned Chicago Bears two weeks ago we would have home field advantage for the playoffs. Oh well, maybe Washington will beat my adopted "home team" the Seahawks and then they can take out the Cowboys for a second time...and then it's can be a Redskins/Packers NFC Championship.

I imagine CS has a different opinion about this...

Radio 4 -- The Grass is Greener
This is from the album Enemies Like This.

Tom Vek -- Nothing But Green Lights
From the album We Have Sound.

Vince Guaraldi -- Greensleeves
From the album A Charlie Brown Christmas.

1st New Band of 2008 -- Goodtimes Goodtimes

This group is called Goodtimes Goodtimes and they call the music they make "alt folk" but it should really be just called great music. They have four free songs on their website here and my personal favorite is "Sea Shanty."

Goodtimes Goodtimes -- Sea Shanty
This track is from the album Glue which you can pick up here.

Personal Best of 2007

Here are some of the songs that meant something to me this year for a variety of reasons...some of the songs are from 2007, some are older but my discovery/re-discovery of them happened in 2007...

In no particular order, here we go:

Favorite Song from 2007 For Sentimental Reasons That You Probably Won't Understand:

For all the fun and good times I have had in 2007, it has been a year that I wouldn't mind putting behind me as quick as possible. I will keep the list of bad things that happened to myself but above all else the distance between myself and the person I love above all else has been very difficult. This is the song I listen to when I am at my most sad.

Radiohead -- All I Need
This track is from In Rainbows and if you didn't download it for .01 when you could you are an idiot.

Favorite New Song From a Group That Has Been Around For More Than 30 Years:

This one originally comes from this Dell commercial and hints at maybe, just maybe, if Devo put out a new album they could be the most influential "older" band still around and kicking.

Devo "Watch Us Work It"
The song if only available through iTunes at the moment.

Favorite Older Album That Everyone Else Ignored But Now I See The True Genius Of:

Okay it's time for a SAT analogy:

Question: Radiohead : The Bends :: Marcy Playground : _____
Answer: Shapeshifter

Radiohead was considered to be just another one-hit wonder destined for the "Buzz Bin" after the follow-up singles to "Creep" failed to do anything in the U.S. and England. In much the same way, Marcy Playground has been written off as a one-hit wonder of the 1990's. Whereas, Radiohead came back with The Bends to high critical praise but limited sales growth, Marcy Playground gave us Shapeshifter [in 1999] which was met by the same limited sales growth and, unfortunately, little to no critical praise.

But like The Bends, in which you can hear Radiohead greatly improving in melody and song writing ["Fake Plastic Trees" anyone?], the same can be said between Marcy Playground's self-titled first album and Shapeshifter.

Unfortunately, the album was and has been unfairly ignored. For pure novelty, the opening track "It's Saturday" is just as good as the huge hit "Sex & Candy." The two other standout tracks in my mind are "Bye Bye" and "Wave Motion Gun" the latter being on the best soft-loud-soft song style that was oh so popular in the "grunge era."

Marcy Playground -- It's Saturday
Marcy Playground -- Bye Bye
Marcy Playground -- Wave Motion Gun
Please buy Shapeshifter here.

The Most Popular Song On My iPod From 2007:

I wish I would have been the one to say that these lines "I was driving through the misty rain / just searching for a mystery train" was the quintessential Bruce Springsteen lyrics of all time [I think it was Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone] . He was right and this song got me excited about Bruce Springsteen again.

Bruce Springsteen -- Radio Nowhere
This is from Bruce's new album Magic.

Guilty Pleasures of 2007:

No commentary needed:

Avril Lavigne -- Girlfriend
From The Best Damn Thing album.

Kelly Clarkson -- Since U Been Gone (Live on Saturday Night Live)

Available on the Live from SNL CD which I guess is only available at Target stores.

Album I Keep Being Told Is Soooo Awesome But I Just Don't Get It Of 2007:

Animal Collective -- Strawberry Jam

I have tried, oh how I have tried, to love Animal Collective. Last year I really tried to like Xiu Xiu but got the same result. I even stayed up late to watch AC's network TV debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien hoping to find what I was missing in their albums maybe was there in their live performance. I still didn't get it...I've given up.

Animal Collective -- Peacebone

Some Of My Other Favorite Songs Of 2007:

The White Stripes -- Conquest
From the Icky Thump album.

Underworld -- Crocodile
From the Oblivion With Bells album.

The Hives -- Fall Is Just Something That Grownups Invented
This track can only currently be found on iTunes.

Babyshambles -- Deft Left Hand
From the Shotter's Nation album.

Hard-Fi -- Suburban Knights
From the Once Upon A Time In The West album.

Caribou -- Melody Day
From the album Andorra.

The Bad Plus -- Narc (Interpol Cover)
From the album Prog.

LCD Soundsystem -- North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix)

This remix is from the North American Scum EP.

Possibly, A Speech To Remember

Roughly four years ago, the story out of Iowa was this:

A year from now, we may be remembering this speech "Our Moment Is Now" by Barack Obama:

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir -- Then And Not A Moment Before

This track is from TSYGC's second album, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir.

Friday, January 4, 2008

More on the Caucus

So my Iowa predictions were marginally correct but I missed the boat on Joe Biden and Ron Paul didn't do nearly as well as I thought he would. The Democratic side, while still wide open, seems to be coming together whereas on the Republican side, nothing is clear. Politico calls it "total disarray."

As I was driving around today they had some political "experts" on NPR and one of them [I wish I had caught his name] mentioned a "truth" regarding our two parties...Democrats are tolerant of ambiguity and Republicans are intolerant of ambiguity. And so consequently, this uncertainty in the Republican race is not sitting well with Republicans.

Not sure if I buy into it, but it is something that I hadn't heard expressed that way before.

The Byrds -- I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician

There a million Byrds compilations out there, one of the two that I own is Super Hits.

Next In Line: Wyoming

Don't forget about Wyoming: home of the next Presidential primary (at least for the Republican candidates...).

Johnny Cash -- Next In Line
This track can be found a bunch of places, including Forever Johnny Cash.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predicting the Future, CS Edition

As the conservative half of our duo, here is my predictions for the Hawkeye State.

1. Obama
2. Hillary
3. Edwards
4. Biden

At this point, the smart money is on Obama in Iowa and I see no reason to go in another direction. He consistently tops the polls -- and I firmly believe that placement (what order the candidates are in) and trend are much more important than numbers. I don't think Hillary has righted herself enough to beat Obama, but she probably has done well enough to place above Edwards. Obama needs to hope for an Obama-Edwards-Clinton finish. Edwards and Clinton are battling for the same voters -- lower middle class, uneducated blue collars and middle class women -- and if Edwards is forced out early on (3rd place in IA and NH would make it nearly impossible for him to win), it frees up those voters for Hillary.

1. Romney
2. Huckabee
3. Thompson
4. McCain
5. Paul
6. Guiliani

This has turned into essentially two races: the race for first (Mitt v. Huck) and the race for third (McCain v. Fred). I think Huckabee peaked about two weeks too soon. The press has turned from adoring to inspecting (and he has a Clintonesque background -- substitute questionable ethics for questionable taste in lovers) and Romney has been doing a good job of hitting him hard. Huckabee's latest trick is taken straight out of the Paul Wellstone playbook (I couldn't find a link, but Wellstone's underdog 1990 campaign didn't have the money to run their famous "Looking for Rudy" ad, so they called a press conference and showed it there. The ad ended up being shown on newscasts across the state -- at no cost). That tactic is brilliant when you in Wellstone's situation: broke and the serious underdog. As the Iowa front-runner, it smacks of desperation. The Huckabee campaign would not do this if their internals showed their man with a solid lead in the state.

McCain has been making strides in the state and a third place finish in Iowa followed by a first in New Hampshire might even elevate him to front-runner status (assuming Huckabee can beat Romney in IA). Fred has gotten better on the trail -- probably too little, too late to actually win the nomination -- and has done a very good job situating himself as the truly conservative candidate. I think he edges McCain by one or two percentage points.

I'd love to have the readers put their predictions in the comments section -- now that you have heard from me and Blugold Matt.