Thursday, January 17, 2008

To My Sister

Usually I write the post and then find the song...but in this case we start with song...we all know CSS from their iPod commercial and this post. This song came up on my random shuffle the other day...

In my undergrad studies, I took a summer class in 3rd-Wave Feminism and I was one of two guys in the total of about 20 students. It was a great class overall and it was fun to discuss "modern feminism" and especially discussing the "taking back" of negative terms associated with women such as "bitch" or "cunt." Saying the word "cunt" in a room with 15 other women and coming out alive is a lot like something Bear Grylls does on a regular basis.

So this song is dedicated to my sister [a future art historian] and in the true 3rd-Wave Feminist meaning, a true "Artbitch."

CSS -- Artbitch
From the Cansei de ser Sexy album.