Saturday, January 5, 2008


If only the Packers could have played the Lions every game we would be 16-0 as well. Of course with the Packer win and the Cowboys loss to the Redskins, if we had only beaten those damned Chicago Bears two weeks ago we would have home field advantage for the playoffs. Oh well, maybe Washington will beat my adopted "home team" the Seahawks and then they can take out the Cowboys for a second time...and then it's can be a Redskins/Packers NFC Championship.

I imagine CS has a different opinion about this...

Radio 4 -- The Grass is Greener
This is from the album Enemies Like This.

Tom Vek -- Nothing But Green Lights
From the album We Have Sound.

Vince Guaraldi -- Greensleeves
From the album A Charlie Brown Christmas.