Friday, January 18, 2008

Nat Bed

I was playing around on iTunes the other day and found out there is a new Natasha Bedingfield album coming out and I have to admit I was excited because this was finally my chance to own one of the best/worst song of all time "I Want To Have Your Babies."

I first heard the song in question when I was in Europe for Spring Break last year but it wasn't on Bedingfield's first album, Unwritten, so I figured they must be saving this classic for her new one, Pocketful of Sunshine. But alas no luck there either. Maybe America isn't ready for a song like this yet...

Bedingfield's record company won't let me embed the video but you can find it here. And here is a live version of the song:

Without a doubt the best part of the song is the lyric "I want to have your babies / crazy."

Additional thought: Whatever happened to Natasha's brother Daniel Bedingfield.