Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thompson Out

So Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race and one has to ask why did he even bother? Did he really think that Republicans hated the other candidates so much that he would be elected by default?

In the end he lost his sweet acting job on Law & Order [although I think the series jumped the shark when he joined the cast], his wife is now a punch line for trophy wife jokes, and I'm not sure how many people would hire Fred to do any political consulting for them from now on...

And possibly worst of all, Mitt Romney is now leading in the polls in Florida.

Here is a scary Mary Matalin clip justifying why Fred skipped a New Hampshire debate to go on The Tonight Show...I wonder if she would thinking differently now?

Also this clip has a very, very, very scary sexually over toned comment to her husband James Carville.

Ryan Adams -- Now That You're Gone
This is from Disc 1 of the Cold Roses album.

Wilco -- Wishful Thinking (Live)
This is from the live Wilco double album Kicking Television.