Thursday, February 14, 2008

"We May Need Emergency Surgery In The Studio"

Over the past few months I have returned to my first obsessive collection, baseball cards. This sort of thing tends to happen every year around World Series time and I will buy a box or two but this time my interest hasn't faded...I blame this on two things: 1. Laura being out of the country and 2. Shop At Home TV.
Every Saturday night, Shop At Home has their sports collectibles show and often times they have some kind of"amazing" sports card super deal...I have ordered a couple of times but usually I just like to watch...Well, all that is going away on March 7th when my beloved SAH goes off the air...sigh...

Here is Shop at Home's best moment:

And here is a great moment from one of the older card deals they have offered:

That host, Don West, went on to announce is a clip of him reading his lines during a match:

Franz Ferdinand -- Shopping for Blood
This from the Darts of Pleasure EP.

Sparks -- Shopping Mall of Love
This is from The Best of Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To.