Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Inbox This Week

I am starting to get a little more email than I am able to keep up with while I am in school [don't get me wrong, this is a problem that I like to have] so in fairness to all you struggling Keith Richards' and Thom Yorke's out there I will collect some of the songs that I received each week and put them into one post so you, Dear Reader, can enjoy them as you should. Enjoy.

Art of the Week: The Finnish Embassy by Finnish architect Mikko Heikkinen at the Museum of Modern Art.

Some more Battle Royale for you...

The Battle Royale -- Notebooks
2008 Relevant Band #5: Now, Now Every Children

Now, Now Every Children -- Not One, But Two
Now, Now Every Children MySpace

Here is a sample of an album that I will be writing a little more about later:

The Federalists -- City Girl
The Federalists MySpace

[When The Federalists hit it big, I will be looking forward to The Federalist tribute band called The Anti-Federalists.]

2008 Relevant Band #6: Delorentos

Delorentos -- Basis of Everything
Delorentos MySpace