Friday, February 15, 2008

The Best Simon & Garfunkel Song You've Never Heard Of

I refer to the song "Keeping The Customer Satisfied." This little gem is tucked between "Cecelia" and "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" on Bridge Over Troubled Water. While I've technically "heard" the song probably 10-20 times just casually listening to Bridge it was only a few months ago that the greatness of this song really hit me. I really enjoy the lyric describing the protagonist's trials and tribulations of being a drug dealer:

"it's the same old story, yeah / everywhere I go /I get slandered, libeled /I hear words I've never heard in the bible"

It reminds me of this famous scene in Casablanca:

Simon & Garfunkel -- Keeping The Customer Satisfied

From Bridge Over Troubled Water.