Friday, February 1, 2008

Relevant Review: The Cyanide Valentine -- "The Three Sides of The Cyanide Valentine"

Band: The Cyanide Valentine
Album: The Three Sides of The Cyanide Valentine
Rating: George Washington

Just like I was wrong with who Hulk Hogan would support for President, I was totally wrong about The Cyanide Valentine. Looking at their name and such song titles such as "Nosferatu" and "Nice and Horrorshow" I was thinking maybe gothic punk resembling My Chemical Romance. Thank goodness I was wrong.

What I enjoy most about this album is that you have no idea where any of the songs will take you. Want a rockin' electronic instrumental that kicks harder than anything on Kid A? Check. Follow that up with a song that could have been off a great lost Super Furry Animals album? Okay, we can do that...we will call it "Nosferatu." With its simple lyric structure I found myself singing along after my second listen.

While "Nosferatu" is good, "Neanderthals" is great and my favorite from the album...hell, my favorite song of 2008 so far...People throw around the term "Beach Boys harmonies" too much I think but I can't help myself here. Think Cold War Kids-esque vocals being backed by Dennis & Brian Wilson & company. This song has the sweetest chorus outside of your Mom's chocolate chip cookies. Plus the song brings up something lacking in most popular music today, a tuba in the rhythm section.

Best yet, this album is available free through The Cyanide Valentine site.

The Cyanide Valentine -- The Supervillians

The Cyanide Valentine -- Nosferatu
The Cyanide Valentine -- Neanderthals