Friday, February 15, 2008

Haven't I Heard That Before #2: Jens Lekman and The Left Banke

Again, like my first post in this category, the newer one ("Black Cab") seems to pay homage to the older one by swiping the introduction from "I've Got Something On My Mind."

While best known for one of the greatest songs ever "Walk Away Renee" The Left Banke have a ton of great songs that almost no one really knows about. "I've Got Something On My Mind" is a prime example of this and the a great example of what became known as "baroque pop." Mr. Lekman seems like a natural successor to the "baroque pop" title.

The Left Banke -- I've Got Something On My Mind
I was going to write a long plea that you should go out and buy the complete Left Banke recordings called There's Gonna Be A Storm but it appears that it is out of print...what a travesty.

Jens Lekman -- Black Cab
From the Oh You're So Silent Jens collection.