Saturday, February 23, 2008

Edison Lighthouse

Behind The Archies, Edison Lighthouse might be the 2nd most well known "faux band" [a group that doesn't exist other than to record a given song and then when that song becomes a huge hit try to pretend that they were a band all the time] of the 1960's.

Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows" is a work of shear pop perfection by songwriter Tony McCaulay and producer Barry Mason with the rest of the song filled in with studio session players.

The song meets two of the important pop characteristics of a first rate song from the 60's:

1. Is the main character named after a food product?

2. Are "odd" hippie terms used in the song?

The Answer: Yes and Yes! [Rosemary makes the love grow and she "talks lazy" whatever the hell that is...]

The Archies -- Sugar, Sugar

Believe it or not there is a pretty decent Archies greatest hits collection called Absolutely the Best of the Archies [as if they wouldn't be us the absolute best every time!]

Edison Lighthouse -- Love Grows
You can find this song on a bunch of 60's collection. There is one decent Edison Lighthouse collection but it looks to be out of print and no one is even selling a used is called The Best of Edison Lighthouse: Love Grows. But at all costs avoid anything "re-recorded" on iTunes.