Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Blog Is Being Suspended

I am suspending this blog until the end of my financial crisis [which is semi-serious...I need a job, like, yesterday]...thanks John McCain for the great idea[I say half jokingly]...CS, I hope that you prove able to stand up to this financial crisis and continue to strong!

New York Dolls -- Personality Crisis
This is the fundamental New York Dolls track as it is Track #1 of Album #1.

Teenage Fanclub -- Personality Crisis [New York Dolls Cover]

The Go! Team -- Milk Crisis
This track could be found on the Proof of Youth bonus CD.

Bonus Track:

Placebo -- 20th Century Boy [T.Rex Cover]
This song, as well as the Teenage Fanclub cover, are from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.