Monday, September 15, 2008

Songs of the Future: September 15th

1. The Streets -- The Escapists
This is from the Everything is Borrowed album and reminds me a little bit of "Dry Your Eyes."

2. Jenny Lewis -- Acid Tongue

The first thing I've heard from the upcoming second solo album of the same name out September 23rd.

3. Dylan Champagne -- From Here To There

I've been watching The Wire, so I can't help but think of Omar as the whistling begins in this song. The press release accompanying this music lists comparisons with Iron & Wine but I don't hear "the distance" that is often in Iron & Wine's's hard to describe I guess...this just seems more intimate.

4. Almamy -- French Kiss
It's got a good beat you can dance to.

5a. The Unbearables -- The Darker Part

5b. The Unbearables -- The Loose Connection
Wow, this is awesome. If I had a Band of the Week category this would be it! Imagine a harder rocking Sufjan Stevens [with full band]. Or maybe Yes combined with the Ben Folds Five song "Steven's Last Night In Town"'s that for a unique description?