Friday, September 5, 2008

Noel's Top 10

Noel Gallagher has given us his list of his Top 10 bands....with a couple of qualifiers:

A.  No solo artists
B.  No female artists
C.  No collectives...the article sites Public Enemy as a collective...I wonder if that means something like Audioslave wouldn't count either...or what about The Byrds or Cream?

Here's his list:

1.  The Beatles
2.  The Rolling Stones
3.  The Who
4.  Sex Pistols
5.  The Kinks
6.  The La's
7.  Pink Floyd
8.  The Bee Gees
9. The Specials
10.  Fleetwood Mac [the Peter Green years]

The Bee Gees?  Sheesh...he might as well have put The Eagles.  A distinctively English list and I am surprised that he didn't pick the Stone Roses as well.  

Here is my list...clearly there are better bands then the one's I have selected but these are the my Top 10 for personal reasons...

1a.  The Kinks
1b.  Radiohead
3.  The Beach Boys
4.  The Zombies
5.  Nirvana
6.  Blur
7.  Ben Folds Five
8.  Wilco
9.  Weezer
10a.  Belle & Sebastian
10b. Led Zeppelin