Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been sort of neglecting the blog this past week because I really don't know how much of this election I can take anymore. Pardon the astral physics simile but it is like the campaign is moving closer and closer to the speed of light and time is starting to slow down and maybe even go in reverse. It's like the the election is not responding to the the rules of nature like gravity or the laws of motion.

The polls make no sense. How does the addition of Sarah Palin make an Obama voter switch to McCain. Is it only about gender and nothing else? Karl Rove is criticizing McCain for false ads. This from the guy who spread rumors that McCain had an illegitimate black child. Obama is criticized for wanting children to know how to not get molested.

So for a while it's going to be just music from me...I feel like this guy from Get Your War On at the end of the day: