Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Facebook Drama

CS and I got into it a little bit today on Facebook but I thought it was only fair to reprint it is hard to gauge our true feelings as we live 500 miles apart but I just want to say that I can't wait until this election is over.

It all started with a semi-serious snide comment on my Facebook status:

"What is it conservatives saw about Harriet Miers that they now ignore about Sarah Palin?"

CS responded:

"Harriet Miers had no experience -- what so ever. Harriet Miers had no track record to be judged on. And most importantly, Harriet Miers would have been in a job where she was accountable to no one. Sarah Palin has relevant experience, she has been governor and being vice-president means she is still accountable to the voters."
I got a little worked up and shot back:

"As you well know, only recently did we expect Supreme Court nominees to have any judicial experience at all...and if there is any branch of government in which a person could be expected to have "on the job training" it would be someone with a life appointment.

The answer is abortion. People complained about a lack of a record with Miers because conservatives were not 100% certain she wouldn't become another Sandra O.

The opposite is true here with Palin. We have actual down syndrome babies and statements against abortion even in cases of rape and incest to show how Palin feels. And therefore, it seems other common sense problems can be glossed over...e.g. member of secessionist party, at best minimal national security experience, etc... I don't pretend to not gloss over Obama's problems myself but this is beyond focusing on the good and sticking one's head in the sand."
I'm sorry to blow up CS. Thank goodness we don't pick Vice Presidents until nearly September.