Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Songs of the Future: 9/3/08

1. Dead Confederate -- Get Out
This song is from this much hyped group's self-titled EP.

2a. UNKLE -- Chemical [featuring Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age]
2b. UNKLE -- Kaned and Abel
Both tracks are from the new End Titles...Stories For Film album.

3. Shwayze -- California
A perfect combination of music & politics = Bill Clinton+ rap.

4. Titus Andronicus -- No Future
Imagine Bright Eyes fronting the Black Angels.

5a. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes -- Could I Call You Honey?

5b. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes -- Sybil Vane
5c. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes -- The Blogger and The Dandy
Translation: The Man with the Spectacles. Could be an Italian Dandy Warhols.

6a. Point Juncture, WA -- Kings Part II

6b. Point Juncture, WA -- Sioux Arrow
6c. Point Juncture, WA -- Sick on Sugar
These tracks are from the new album Heart to Elk.