Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Songs of the Future: September 17th

1a.  Vancouver -- Penalty Box
If there is one band that I've found that shares the intensity and lyrical gusto that Ted Leo & The Pharmacists have it is Vancouver.  That is very evident in "Penalty Box" while "Shape of Your Knees" calmly strums along for nearly three minutes until the lyrics kick in.  It is a prime example of a band that is comfortable with their own song structure.  Both tracks are from Even My Winters Are Summers.

2. So Many Dynamos -- Search Party
From the 
Flashlights album.

3. The Dears -- Money Babies
This is from the upcoming album 
Missiles out October 21st.

From the Midnight Matinee album that came out yesterday.

5. Mystery Jets -- Half In Love With Elizabeth [Delorean Remix]
The Mystery Jets are my "unknown in the United States" British band and that might all change if their album 
21 ever gets released on this side of the Atlantic.