Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's He Thinking?

I've been a part of two City Council, one U.S. Senate, and countless Student Senate campaigns so I know just enough about campaigning and politics to be dangerous...Here we are on the 4th of July during a Presidential campaign and you would think that both candidates would in full "baby kissing, hand shaking" mode...let's just double check things...

Okay, first up Obama in Butte, Montana...large groups of voters? Check. Babies to kiss? Check. Hands to shake? Check. Michelle looking cute as ever? Check.

He even took a turn at the barbecue.

Now on to McCain in Mexico. Large groups of voters? Ah...well maybe in Mexican elections. Babies to kiss? None in sight. Giant police helicopter with Spanish writing on it? Check.

This reminds me of working on Student Senate would be out there campaigning on campus and just amazed that your opponents were not out there in the freezing cold trying to persuade students to vote for them...It made you excited that you might just pull this off and win, but at the same time there was a feeling of "what am I missing?" Of "they can't really be this stupid?" the end, it was always a case of the opponents had really no idea on how to run a campaign.

Don't you have to ask, what is McCain thinking wasting the July 4th week in Columbia and Mexico, two countries his party views as simply "future illegal aliens?" Why isn't he in Philadelphia delivering a speech about securing the next 232 years of America's freedom?