Friday, July 4, 2008


For a while I followed The Hype Machine's popularity chart pretty closely and I wanted this blog to be on there somewhere most of the time...but I am limited because I don't want to get the blog in trouble so I don't post anything that has not been released officially yet...furthermore, I'm just not too excited by some of the groups that make up the "most popular" list...I want to write about things that strike me as interesting or tie into something else I'm interested in. Sure Santogold, MGMT, or the latest Justice remix are okay but they don't get my juices I've been posting older songs and larger posts about a single topic...nonetheless I am surprised to find the blog at #2 on the chart with my Rapture goes to show you never can tell...

I don't think we've ever gotten to #1 on the list...but then again The Who never made it either.