Friday, July 18, 2008

New Bloc Party Video

Here is the new video from Bloc Party called "Mercury":

Of all the new generation of British bands [let's say from Coldplay on], Bloc Party is my favorite. But after watching this video, I am struck by how bad it is. Criticising the United States is such an easy trap to fall into, especially for a band that isn't American. It is so easy to say, "look at them, they're horrible, they're so stupid they would elect a horse/crab thing."

As I once said to my girlfriend who is living in Europe currently, "don't ever let anyone from England make you feel bad about being an American." The level of absolute bullshit and tyranny England unleashed upon this world is staggering for it being such a small country. [And I say this with 1/4 English blood running through my veins]. Here's a short list:

--Invention of concentration camps [Boer War]
--Occupation of Ireland...why isn't Ireland united yet?
--They still have a Queen. What kind of gutless country determines the type of government they will have because it might effect tourism sales?
--No English person should ever say anything about George Bush...because you have your own: Margaret Thatcher. At least we have the foresight to limit Presidents to terms [eight years]...Thatcher got 11. Not to mention Bush's partner in crime Tony Blair.
--You think America's racist, American racism can learn a lot from Enoch Powell.
--An unwritten Constitution...make fun of Americans' phone getting tapped all you want at least we have actual rules that you can see and read. It sort of helps in protecting them.
--Occupation of India, United States, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, etc...

The point is this, is America perfect? Far from it. But the English shouldn't be the ones to criticize.