Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving Megapost

So my move to Lawrence is upon me and consequently posting from me will be on hold for a while. Here is a Movin' Mix to keep you busy until I'm back to normal.

Supergrass -- Moving
From their self-titled album.

Butthole Surfers -- Moving to Florida

From the Left of the Dial collection.

Blur -- Movin' On
From their self-titled album.

The Byrds -- You Movin'
From the In the Beginning collection.

Beastie Boys -- Body Movin'
From Hello Nasty.

The Black Crowes -- Movin' On Down the Line
From the Warpaint album.

Moby -- God Moving Over the Face of the Water
From the I Like To Score album.

Yoko Ono -- I'm Moving On
From the Double Fantasy album.

Art Brut -- Moving to L.A.
From the Bang Bang Rock & Roll album.

The Warlocks -- Moving Mountains
From the Heavy Deavy Skull Lover album.

Deep Purple -- You Keep On Moving
From The Very Best of Deep Purple.

Wombats -- Moving to New York
From A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation.