Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Missing Seattle #2: 20 Cents Per Bag

I recycle, I don't like throwing away things I shouldn't, I would never own a Hummer, and when I lived in Seattle I recycled everything King County told me to...but for me they really have gone too far now. Customers are to now be charged 20 cents for each bag they use in stores. The thing about it though is that plastic bags are recyclable in Seattle and paper bags are used fundamentally for holding the recycling [at least in my house]. Even though the bags I take from stores in the end will be recycled and have zero effect on the environment [except the creation expense I guess], I would still have to pay the fee. To bad I'll miss it I guess.

Oh wait...hold on a fiance told me plastic bags get into the ocean and turtles try to eat them and they choke on them and they die...I am now doing a full reversal on that earlier paragraph...I now believe that we need a full ban of plastic bags!

Gomez -- Shitbag

Gomez -- Shitbag 9
From the Abandoned Shopping Trolly Hotline album.

The Stereophonics -- Handbags and Gladrags

From the Handbags and Gladrags EP.