Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not Missing Seattle #1: Spikes in the Water UPDATE

You might remember my post about the metal spikes put in the water at the Green Lake Beach in Seattle...well the case might be solved. So who did the intrepid Seattle Police find as the culprit? None other than the City of Seattle! Whoopsy.

From today's Seattle Times:

Turns out, the dozens of spikes plucked from the lake bottom probably were put there not out of malice but with the best of intentions as part of a campaign launched more than two decades ago to rid the lake of milfoil, a pesky weed that clogs the lake.

Kathy Whitman, city aquatics director, confirmed Friday that looped metal spikes were used in the early stages of milfoil control in the 1980s to hold down plastic sheeting, and the spikes found this month may be those devices. The metal spikes were replaced later with plastic ones, she said.