Thursday, July 17, 2008

From the Inbox

From the Inbox today:

A Night in the Box -- Fiddle Foot Jones
A Night in the Box MySpace


One of my favorite bands has a new mixtape they are offering free on are a couple of songs they given away over the years...

Voxtrot -- Heaven [Talking Heads Cover]

Voxtrot -- Love Vigilantes [New Order Cover]
Voxtrot -- Summer Mix Tape entitled "First Thought Only Thought"
You should really own their self-titled debut.


The email from this group of Swedes includes comparisons to Jens Lekman and Adam Green and I would have to agree. Good stuff here.

Klas -- Honda Civic
Klas -- Birds
Klas MySpace


Calamity Magnet is Sara Radle and fairly or unfairly she will also be referred to as an important member of the 2nd reincarnation of The Rentals. However, she is more than Matt Sharp's accomplice as you can here on the new Calamity Magnet album.

Calamity Magnet -- Baby, You Forgot
This song is from their self-titled album.
Calamity Magnet MySpace