Thursday, March 13, 2008


In the spirit of irreverent bipartisanship, I have to confess my love. I never discovered Orangina until I went to law school and it would be served at various functions. And much like meeting your true love somewhere unexpected (dentist office, mechanic garage, picking up trash as part of court-ordered community service, etc.), I never knew why it was served at law school functions. But I love it anyways. The best description is that it tastes like a non-alcoholic mimosa. It is always refreshing. Matt and I once had a conversation about the most refreshing drink ever. I don't remember what I argued for (probably ice water), but Matt was firm in his belief that an Orange Julius was perfect for that purpose. Orangina is my current nominee.

Perhaps someday I can enjoy Orangina with some Birdseye Steamfresh Super Sweet Corn. And it would prove that heaven really is a place on earth.