Monday, March 3, 2008

Hollywood Fever

Question: Who is this quote describing?:

"He doesn't want to be our congressman anymore. It's clear he's left the building. The guy's got Hollywood fever, and that would be fine if he was using his national stature to actually get things done."
That is a quote from Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman, describing Dennis Kuchinich who is having some trouble holding on to his seat in Congress. Cimperman is running against everyone's favorite peacenik in the Democratic primary...and he is actually doing pretty well.

The Flaming Lips -- You Got To Hold On

From the W.A.N.D. single.

Hot Chip -- Hold On
From the Made in the Dark album.

Les Savy Fav -- Hold On To Your Genre
From the Inches album.

Jet -- Hold On

From the Spider-man 2 soundtrack.

Sam & Dave -- Hold On! I'm Comin'

From the Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration collection.

Sarah McLachlan -- Hold On
From the Hold On single.

Magnet -- Hold On
From The Tourniquet album.

Guided By Voices -- Hold on Hope (Live)
From a CD called The XFM Live Sessions from the great [but now defunct] British music magazine Select.

The Zombies -- You've Really Got A Hold On Me
From the Zombies collection Best of the 60's.