Thursday, March 6, 2008


CS & I both went to the same undergraduate institution, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a university that does not have an official mascot. Instead, they have combined the school colors, blue and gold, into one world, Blugold, and then called it a day. There is no physical representation for this fusion of color but my alma mater's Student Senate is on the case.

Interesting quote from the article:

According to a May 2007 article in The Spectator, the university created a mascot committee in 1965, asking faculty and students to give their input on what a Blugold should be.

Five finalists, including Blugold Beaver, the Norse God Odin, Blugold Eagle, Golden Eagle and the Eau Claire Riverman, were named, and students and faculty voted to pick one or keep the Blugold ambiguous, according to the article. No record of the vote can be found.
Now, out here in Seattle, the term "Riverman" means something unique. It is a nickname given to the Green River serial killer that was made famous by this book:

I have enjoyed my share of books about serial killers but this one is the best...just a hair better than the other Ted Bundy biography The Stranger Beside Me written by Ann Rule, the famous true-crime author, who actually worked with Bundy at a suicide hot line during the middle of his killing spree in the Seattle area.

Nick Drake -- River Man
From the greatest hits collection Way To Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake.

Nick Drake -- River Man (Demo)
This is from the demo collection Made to Love Magic.

M. Ward -- Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)
From the Green River single.