Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nathan Fielder

For people who live along the US/Canadian border you may be familiar with the Canadian Broadcasting Company's show This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It is essentially the Canadian Daily Show but mainly the jokes are "Bush is dumb!" or "Hillary wears pants suits!" Hidden in this mediocre show is a comedy treasure called Nathan Fielder. He is a corespondent of some kind that has a segment called "On Your Side" in which he tries to give you helpful tips. Here are two of my favorite segments, one on sex in advertising and one on lying. Give this man his own show in America now!

Pete Yorn -- On Your Side

From the album Musicforthemorningafter.

Pete Yorn -- On Your Side (Live at The Roxy)
From the Live at the Roxy EP.

Pete Yorn -- On Your Side (Live in New Jersey)
From the double live album Live from New Jersey.