Saturday, September 29, 2007

Heroes of Popular Wars

I have been watching the new Ken Burns documentary The War this past week (parts 5,6, and 7 start this Sunday) and I am surprised about how little of it feels like I've seen it before...know what I mean? I had been on a WWII movie kick for a while recently, Band of Brothers series, A Bridge Too Far, Flags of Our Fathers, Battleground and so at first 15 more hours of WWII seemed like it could be a chore rather than "an experience" but thankfully I was wrong...

Which brings me to a group that introduced themselves to me via email this week...Heroes of Popular Wars. First off, in the most shallow form of commentary, I love the band name.

To give you a clue of what we are dealing with here with H of PW, here is a part of their bio [which seems to be written in poem form]:

From the onset to the encore, from the broken guitar strings to the couple breaking up in the front row.

They're the Heroes of Popular Wars.

Of the two songs I've sampled so far, I really enjoy "Famous on the Moon"...and I've put the old "Recommended" stamp of approval on it. "The 3rd of July" is more ambient...but that's not really an accurate way to describe it...although there is a little Brian Eno in there somewhere...Enjoy.

Heroes of Popular Wars -- Famous on the Moon [Recommended]

Heroes of Popular Wars -- 3rd of July

Learn more about Heroes of Popular Wars here.