Monday, September 24, 2007


Has it been 10 minutes since the last time I mentioned I'm from Wisconsin?...more importantly, have I mentioned that I am a Packer fan?...and this weekend was a big weekend for me and my fellow Cheeseheads:
  • Packers crush the Chargers
  • Brett Favre ties Dan Marino's touchdown record
  • I received my Season Ticket Waiting List Postcard....what?
Let me explain...I have been on the Packers Season Ticket waiting list for three years now and each year the good folks in Green Bay send a postcard telling me roughly how many decades I have to wait to get tickets...

So I am 69,193 on the list...things are looking up as last year I was over 72,000 if I remember put this in perspective the entire Lambeau Field has a capacity of 72,922 so I have to roughly wait until nearly all the seats at Lambeau turn over from one person to another...if roughly 3,000 go through the list every year than I will be waiting about 23 years until I can see Brett Favre's daughter Brittany lead the Packers to the Super Bowl again!