Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing Seattle #2: Get Jesse!

Each city has their own media personalities and without a doubt my personal favorite is Jesse Jones from King 5. And really, those words should not be in lower or upper case...instead a whole new way of writing a word should be invented for Jesse Jones' name. To be honest, it is how Mr. Jones signs off his news segments that make me love him so much.

Jesse is the type of news reporter that CS would be if he were black, bald, and had a really cool way of saying his name. There is this pause before "Jesse Jones, King 5 News" that just gets me every time. Each week Jesse is out and about Seattle looking out for you, solving problems, and making things right. Just like a superhero I guess. Some of his best spots have such titles as "No-show contractor is in for a surprise" and "Seattle man upset about mysterious phone charge." He also has "Save Money Monday" tips to save money...such as renting movies at the public library! Thanks Jesse! I'll miss you.